I can make my own dreams, and make them come true.

Greeting fellow children of the Earth! My name is Helen. I'm 22 years old, and a Senior at Delta State University as a Graphic Design major/Drawing minor. I also study crystal and energy healing. I'm Pan, but I've happily been with my fiance, Byron, for almost 8 years. I'm vegan and I do my best to live as naturally and animal/people friendly as I can. I work as a RA in my dorm and I have an Etsy shop named Helen Dee's Artistries (see links below). I like cats, chickens, owls, collecting gemstones, hippy things, natural things, crocheting, drinking fresh tea, yoga, playing ukulele, hooping, playing clarinet, making jewelry, equality, justice, happiness, and other things. I'm also a fangirl belonging to many fandoms. Current Obsession: College and Autumn!

For this month’s Let’s Draw Sherlock! 

Based off of Parry Gripp’s Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom”

Mycroft won’t take none of you crap ‘bout his diet, Sherlock. Hehe. 

I did the sketching in Photoshop, outline and basic coloring and text in Illustrator, and color editing and light/shadows back in Photoshop. 

Considering I’m having to back-learn Illustrator and Photoshop, I’m pretty proud of this( I’m used to Illustrator/Photoshop CS5). Illustrator CS2 doesn’t have a blob brush. That make life a bit harder (and the outlines bigger than I wanted). But I’m really happy with it!! :D 

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