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daveysama asked:

Hello! I just want to say that that dumbass blog got a hole of one of my selfies too. You've probably already heard this but you rock that bikini! You look hella fly and I hope that blog nor anyone else puts out your fire. You go girl.

Oh gosh dumb Tumblr and their faulty message alert system! I just saw this! 

Thanks so much for the awesome words! <3 You’re adorable as well. That troll can go be mean if he wants to. We’re stronger than they’ll ever be! 



***Do NOT delete the text, it shouldn’t show on your blog.

Okay so you guys should know the drill by now, in honor of me reaching 4k followers and it being summer, I made some cool things to share with three of you!

1st place:
-Maroon wooden witches box
-one amethyst crystal, one tumbled stone. 
-one wooden tree branch pencil
-a small bundle of sage (used for clearing negativity)
-one hemp mushroom necklace in purple
-one beaded hamsa hand bracelet
-two spell candles, blue (Represents healing, truth, good health, feminine power in nature) and purple (represents psychic ability, spiritual powers)
-hand written letter from me

2nd Place:
-Little Black witches box
-blue flower headband
-one white tealight candle
-three tumbled stones
-one pair of mushroom earrings
-handwritten letter from me

3rd Place:
-Little Black witches box
-one braided bead bracelet
-three tumbled stones
-one tealight candle
-moon earrings

-MUST REBLOG, LIKES DON’T COUNT. Only use them for bookmarks!
-Must be following nirvanicdreams 
-reblog as much as you like, but dont spam it
-contest blogs don’t count, only personal blogs. Be fair.
-If you want to see a better picture of anything, message me.
-Picking the winners on September 1st 2014
-The winners will have 3 DAYS to respond before I choose someone else.
-Using a random number generator to choose, I’ll match it up with the number of who reblogged it at that.
-Any questions? message me

Good luck babes :)